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--Functions and Procedures with IN and OUT parameters

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--Functions and Procedures with IN and OUT parameters

Postby Development@SIB » Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:00 am

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If you use database procedures and/or functions in your application, wouldn't it be great to call them with one simple call. Normally a function or procedure call is very complex, because you have to define a CallableStatement, set the output parameters, execute the statement and read the result. And don't forget that the parameter index starts with 1 instead of 0!

Suppose we have a function (e.g. Oracle):

Code: Select all
create or replace function execFunction(pNumber in out number, pInText in varchar2,
                                        pOutText out varchar2) return varchar2 is
  res varchar2(200);
  nr number := pNumber;
  pOutText := 'Out: '|| pOutText ||' In: '|| pInText;

  pNumber := pNumber + pNumber;

  return 'IN-Param Nr: '|| nr;
end execFunction;

The function is simple, but uses one in/out and one out parameter. A standard JDBC call looks like:

Code: Select all
Connection con;

//create a DB connection      

CallableStatement cstmt = con.prepareCall("{ ? = call EXECFUNCTION(?, ?, ?) }");
cstmt.registerOutParameter(1, Types.VARCHAR);
cstmt.registerOutParameter(2, Types.DECIMAL);
cstmt.registerOutParameter(4, Types.VARCHAR);
cstmt.setObject(2, BigDecimal.valueOf(1), Types.DECIMAL);
cstmt.setObject(3, "ABC", Types.VARCHAR);

Object oResult = cstmt.getObject(1);

The execution has more lines of code than the function in the database!

Now we call the same function through JVx:

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Object oResult = dba.executeFunction("execFunction", Types.VARCHAR, BigDecimal.valueOf(1),
                                     "ABC", null);

You are right, we have not support for in/out and out parameters! To support this kind of parameters, we have some special classes:


Use it as with the following code:

Code: Select all
OutParam ouTextParam = new OutParam(InOutParam.SQLTYPE_VARCHAR);
InOutParam ioNumberParam = new InOutParam(InOutParam.SQLTYPE_DECIMAL,
Object oResult = dba.executeFunction("execFunction", Types.VARCHAR, ioNumberParam,
                                     "ABC", ouTextParam);
Object oNumber = ioNumberParam.getValue();
Object oText = ouTextParam.getValue();

The executeFunction method supports standard Java Objects and our special Param objects, as used in the previous example.

If you want to call a database procedure instead of a function, use the same classes and call executeProcedure.
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