Custom IFactory implementation

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Custom IFactory implementation

Postby Development@SIB » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:40 pm

Sometimes you need additional methods in your UI factory, e.g. create custom controls, preconfigure existing controls.

The UI factory is one of the first classes that is instantiated from a launcher. If you need a custom factory, use an application parameter to configure it.

A custom factory:

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package apps.firstapp;

import javax.rad.genui.UIImage;
import javax.rad.ui.IAlignmentConstants;
import javax.rad.ui.component.IButton;

import com.sibvisions.rad.ui.swing.impl.SwingFactory;

public class CustomSwingFactory extends SwingFactory
   public IButton createButton()
      IButton button = super.createButton();
      return button;

Our factory extends the default SwingFactory and overwrites createButton. All created buttons have a default icon, no border and the text is left aligned.

Now we configure our custom factory via commandline:

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java -cp... apps.firstapp.FirstApplication "" Launcher.uifactory=apps.firstapp.CustomSwingFactory

The second parameter defines a config file, but we don't use one. It is also possible to put the factory parameter in a config file together with other parameters. All configuration options are described in this article.

A preview of an application with our custom factory:

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