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--Environment information

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--Environment information

Postby Development@SIB » Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:08 pm

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If you want to know the launch environment of your client application, simply ask the launcher. A launcher always is related to a specific environment, e.g. desktop, mobile, web/html.

If your application should behave or look different in different environments, simply check the environment via:

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This command returns DESKTOP if you are using SwingApplication or SwingApplet as launcher. There's no difference if your application runs as Webstart, Applet or Desktop application. Swing is always Desktop environment.

There are some useful constants in ILauncher:

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A simple way to check the environment is available via UILauncher, e.g.

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If you use JVx' DBSecurityManager, be aware that it checks ENV_ columns. If your WORKSCREENS table contains the column ENV_DESKTOP (values: Y, N) the security manager ignores all screens that don't fit your client environment. It's very easy to configure one screen for different environments without chaning role assignments.
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