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How-to configure logging?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:33 pm
by johnit
I want to see the executed SQL statements for my screens, to optimize my database tables or to create an index. Is it possible to enable logging directly in VisionX?

Re: How-to configure logging?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:42 pm
by Support@SIB
Yes, this is possible. You have different options for logging in VisionX. The first option is temporary logging. In this case, you configure logging directly in VisionX and have to reconfigure logging for the next time you start VisionX.

To enable temporary logging, open the About dialog:
  • Main / About
  • Log Tab
  • set Log Level to ALL for the logger com.sibvisions.rad.persist.jdbc.DBAccess
This will print the executed queries to the console (if you run visionx.bat) or into the log directory <VisionX dir>/log/

It's also possible to configure standard Java Logging (via in <VisionX dir>/lib). More details about logging are available in our documentation.