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Eclipse Add reference to other project

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Eclipse Add reference to other project

Postby reversedr » Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:25 pm


We need to create a project with common code for all of our visionX applications (we have several).
In this project we define our Application class that extends "com.sibvisions.apps.projx.ProjX".
This class is then defined at web.xml.

We tried to add a project reference but visionX stops opening, failed to load the application class.

We tried to a reference as a "Deployment Assembly" but visionX stops opening, failed to load the application class.

The only way we managed to make the reference work is by generating a jar and copying it to /libs/server for each application. This is very time consuming, we need to copy the jar to each application project whenever we change the source code on the referenced project.

What is the correct way for VisionX application to reference another project code / build code / package .classes/jars into war file?

Thank You
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Re: Eclipse Add reference to other project

Postby Support@SIB » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:11 pm

VisionX doesn't support specific IDE dependencies. It works with independent applications. So your application should contain all required libraries. This is how a citizen developer will work with VisionX.

But sure, your use-case is also usual and we and most of our customers work with dependencies. But we make a difference if you're an IDE developer or VisionX user. As developer, you're able to use the power of your IDE (e.g. Eclipse). Simply configure dependencies and use the IDE features as you like.

If you want to provide a general application or your own "application framework/api", create a release of your library and distribute it. In other words:

Create a library project and test it with your application project (live in your IDE). Simply open the application, created in VisionX and configure whatever you need. If you're done with a feature-set, create a jar file and add it to your application(s). VisionX will be able to work without any problems.

If you have e.g. 100 applications, it might be a problem to update all applications, but sometimes you won't update all applications because 80 applications use features of earlier versions of your application framework. Only 1 application should be updated. So it makes no sense to have references in VisionX because VisionX is the low-code tool and not the IDE.

We solve the update problem with custom build environments/tasks. It's not tricky and works great.
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